Bringing you the music of René Salm…

I began composing at the age of fourteen and continued
to write music for the next five decades
while teaching piano, authoring books, and working as a mental health counselor.
I am now officially ‘retired’—which just means I now have the time to dedicate myself fully
to placing my music before a wider audience. Hence the creation of Laureate Music!

My music is mostly for solo piano but also includes pieces for organ,
brass quintet, concert band, art songs, as well as a keyboard concerto for piano and synthesizers
(the first—and maybe only one—of its kind).
My music has been recorded in Europe, performed on National Public Radio
as well as in concerts in the Pacific Northwest. In the early 1990s
ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN and KEYBOARD magazines featured my articles
on Electronic Orchestration and my live performances of J.S. Bach’s
Goldberg Variations on synthesizers in quadraphonic sound.

In the coming years I hope to publish my entire compositional output
through Laureate Music. The works will range from elementary Children’s Pieces
to a concert etude and keyboard concerto.

Please stay tuned—and thank you for visiting Laureate Music!